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John Jarosz
4-Nov-2009, 07:48
Since i have to go to London for business, I could kill some time productively if there are any camera stores that might have some LF used equipment. I know with the dollar situation there are no bargains in the UK, but I'm always on the lookout for oddball stuff.

I do plan to take in the show at the British Library (http://www.bl.uk/pointsofview/)



4-Nov-2009, 08:11
Teamwork in Foley Street for LF, Aperture not sure of the address for more general stuff.


Former Member 8144
4-Nov-2009, 10:27
aperture is at 44 Museum Street...just round the corner from the british museum.

4-Nov-2009, 11:30
Can recommend aperture. Lovely little store with a great cafe and a veritable cornucopia of stuff!!

Former Member 8144
4-Nov-2009, 11:34
I've never been in there myself, but they always have been really nice on the phone...must go in next time I'm in the area.

4-Nov-2009, 13:30
If you go to Aperture, and if you have an interest in Leica cameras, binoculars or scopes, The Classic Camera is nearby in Pied Bull Yard: theclassiccamera.com

You may know this already, but if you go to The British Museum, also nearby, order tickets in advance if you want to see its featured exhibit, don't just show up hoping to buy one. Right now, they have an Aztec exhibit, likely to result in a big demand for tickets and big lineups, not to mention what looks like a wonderful exhibit of Mexican prints, by Diego Rivera and others, from the early 20th century.

Pete Watkins
4-Nov-2009, 14:16
Don't cross the river, they're all Cads. Watch the prices at Teamwork, I don't think that they open on Saturdays (some of the staff seem to be on some sort of youth training scheme). Check out Lindhof and Studio (spelling???), they used to have a couple of shops, one near Russel Square tube station ( The Brunswick Centre) and one in Drummond Street round he corner from Euston station. Stay away from Camden High Street as well. No problems with Pied Bull Yard though, Apature must be fairly new, I've never heard of them.
If I've p**d on your bonfire, sorry but The U.K's reputation is bad enough, we don't want the L.F. community ripped off.
Enjoy your stay,

Julian Boulter
4-Nov-2009, 15:28
Watch the prices at Teamwork, I don't think that they open on Saturdays (some of the staff seem to be on some sort of youth training scheme).

Teamwork is my favourite, a lovely old fashioned curiosty shop of wonders, only open Monday to Friday, not sure about the comment on youth training scheme but one of the nicest blokes I've met usually serves in there behind the counter, really enthusiastic about the gear, just love that place.

Never heard of Aperture either.


4-Nov-2009, 20:56
depends where exactly you are going to be in london. Check out the following website which has a link for shops by town. They are mostly NOT LF shops so will you will need to do a little research.


john biskupski
5-Nov-2009, 03:10
Aperture Photographic is great for classic 35mm Nikon SLR and Leica M, and also for Hasselblad, Fuji and Rollei MF equipment. I've used them for years. Occasionally they have LF stuff. Honest pricing and descriptions, reliable vendors, I can recommend them. They can be a source of sought after items, eg Plaubel Makinon W67, Rollei TLR Wide/tele, Hasselblad 350 Apo lens, etc. It's a tiny shop, but nice to visit.

5-Nov-2009, 05:56
Don't go near Nicholas Camera's and I don't recommend MrCad's athough he's on the outskirts of London.


Phil Hudson
5-Nov-2009, 07:02
Teamwork is not half the "curiosity shop" it was even 2 years ago. It's all a bit more sterile now but still worth a look. Staff are excellent as mentioned.

If you have time the real "curiosity shop" is Mr Cad in Croydon, a 30 min train ride to the south (plus a bit of a walk). Plenty to see there, maybe 100 LF lenses, 20 cameras, etc. Pricing and service can be a bit erratic but it's quite a browsing experience.

John Jarosz
5-Nov-2009, 11:06
All these responses and diverse opinions have been great. Thanks very much


6-Nov-2009, 11:52
If your bored with the sights and looking for coffee your always welcome to visit
- and usually have some bits of sinar equipment we can look at