View Full Version : Which shutter will work with this lens?

4-Nov-2009, 06:17
I have seen a 90mm Super Angulon f8 lens set advertised separately. In other words the front and rear elements are being sold without a shutter.

Elsewhere I have seen what appears to be a similar lens mounted in a Copal 0 shutter.

Since I have a 150 Caltar lens in a Copal 0 shutter it got me wondering whether I could use these 90mm lens elements in my shutter.

Specifically my question is, does either the 90mm Super Angulon f8 or the Copal 0 come in variations which could make some mating of these two incompatible under certain circumstances. To put it differently were different versions of either the lens or shutter built with different dimensions.


4-Nov-2009, 06:32
Schneider has some useful information here: http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm

Early versions of the 90mm Super Angulon came with size 00 shutters. See Weitwinkel-Objektive für Mittel- und Großformat (5/63)

Joanna Carter
4-Nov-2009, 06:56
Don't forget that you may have to change the aperture scale, if the "donor" shutter was fitted for a different size.

4-Nov-2009, 08:27
Early 90mm f8 SA's were in Compur 00 shutters same as the early 65mm f8 SA's. These shutters are quite rare also a pain as there's no shutter/preview or T setting, just B, so you have to use a cable release lock when focussing.

So you need to be clear exactly what shutter they fit, the majority are Compur/Copal 0


Dan Fromm
4-Nov-2009, 09:34
Modern shutters are standardized. A #0 is a #0. A #1 is a #1. There are two slight exceptions.

The diaphragm's placement differs a little between press and cock-and-shoot shutters. This can cause problems with rear cells whose inner ends go deep into the shutter. Guess how I know this. The easy way to verify that this is the case is to visit www.skgrimes.com and look at the pages on Copal shutters. The pages also give the shutters' dimensions.

With #00 shutters, there are variations in the internal threading which can make it impossible for the cells to seat properly. This is the "shoulder problem" and can be rectified. Guess how I know this.

A poster commented that #00 shutters don't have "T" settings. This is true of Synchro Compur #00s, not of Compur Rapid #00s as were fitted to some folding 35 mm cameras. Again, guess how I know this.