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luis a de santos
3-Nov-2009, 15:36
Any recommendations for good reasonable place for mounting an old lens on Copal shutter?
Recent actual experience only please.
No SK Grimes please, too slow too expensive


3-Nov-2009, 18:01
You might try Carol at Flutot'scamerarepair.com or Frank at Camera Wiz in Harrisonburg, Va.

John Schneider
3-Nov-2009, 19:08
Carol only does shutter repair and CLA, not lens mounting (I'm assuming you want to have a barrel lens machined to fit into a shutter, or want to remount a lens from a broken shutter into a different shutter with different threading).

Tim Sharkey at lensn2shutter can mount such a lens into a shutter as well.

Shop time at most places runs $50-80/hr, and each such mounting job is a one-off that takes lots of time, usually involving cutting fine internal threads to a shoulder, which any machinist will tell you is a PITA. There is really no cheap way to do this, only different levels of expense.

luis a de santos
3-Nov-2009, 19:33
Thank you.
I will try those folks


4-Nov-2009, 07:05
No SK Grimes please, too slow too expensive


Do you have the lens and shutter? How about just screwing the lens elements onto the shutter? Cheap and fast. :)

If it does not screw in then you are unlikely to find a solution that is cheap or quick

luis a de santos
4-Nov-2009, 20:26
Thanks for the tip it is sooo useful.


7-Nov-2009, 14:22
Your best bet for a reasonable price is to use a Packard or similar shutter with an old lens. take a look on the forum for packard. the shutter can be mounted behind OR in front of the lens. The in front of the lens option is really nice when the shutter frame is larger than the lens board the lens is mounted on. Here are some web sites:



Packard still makes shutters and you can find them on auction sites all the time.