View Full Version : Middle Georgia

keith english
3-Nov-2009, 15:21
Anyone out their in the Central Georgia Area? I know their was one intro a while back by a fellow but I lost his contact infor. May want to meet up sometime for a shoot. I am currently shooting Georgia State Parks, in 4x5, for an MFA project.

Gary Beasley
3-Nov-2009, 17:36
Tell me about your MFA project. I've been shooting in the state parks for a while now.

AJ Edmondson
4-Nov-2009, 06:52
Hello Keith... sent you a PM. I am about 35-40 miles from you! Hello to you too Gary. That is at least three of us with LF in the parks in Ga. Funny, in all my years in state and national parks I have never run into another LF "addict"!

4-Nov-2009, 10:52
I'm actually in athens, so not really 'middle'... Been working on a project based on the Oconee river for about 8 months now, all c41 4x5.