View Full Version : Getting 8x10 portra in the UK

Former Member 8144
3-Nov-2009, 06:56

Looking to get some 8x10 portra 160NC here in the UK the prices are so high...135 (yes that is 221 in USD)

So of course I'm looking at getting it from the States where it is a more palatable 87USD so even with shipping and taxes it's still nearly half the UK price.)

Any other recommendations other than Badger?



Eric Leppanen
3-Nov-2009, 10:09
When shopping for LF film in the U.S., I normally check Badger, B&H, Adorama, Freestyle, and Glazer's.

Adorama lately has been aggressively pricing 8x10 color neg. They have good pricing right now on Portra.


Former Member 8144
3-Nov-2009, 11:23
Thanks Eric,

I'll look into these options.