View Full Version : differences between petzval and normal lens ??

alex from holland
2-Nov-2009, 14:46
hello all,

Beside some 4 x5 pinhole experiments i am new to large format photography.
I december i will take my first steps into wetplate photgraphy.
reading on this forum a lot, many times i see people talking about Petzval characteritics.
Can anyone explane to me what is so special about these lenses ?

mayby with some samples showing the difference between a petval and a normal lens ?

many thanks


2-Nov-2009, 14:51
Petzval Portrait Lenses and Their History (http://www.antiquecameras.net/petzvallens.html) is a good starting point.

4-Nov-2009, 18:57
And here is an article with examples of their use:

This is a site where people post pictures taken with petzval lenses, so you can decide for yourself: