View Full Version : slide formatting - how do i go about it?

2-Nov-2009, 13:47
Hi, I am studying for my A2 photography course and I was told to develop my images by using slide formatting; I am now very confused about it all - but how do I go about it? What do I have to do? And where can I get the equipment and is there anywhere that will do the printing process for me?

Really sorry about all the questions - I am new to this and any help will be much appreciated ... Thanks

2-Nov-2009, 14:48
I have only been involved with Photography for 45 years or so but I've never heard the term "slide Formatting". Perhaps you misunderstood, or maybe it's a local thing. You should ask the instructor.

2-Nov-2009, 15:32
Some folks use obscure language where direct communication is more appropriate. If developing by "slide formatting" actually is what was said, you could ask the instructor what he or she means. Like the last post said, I too have about four decades of photographic experience, and have no idea whatever what "develop my images by using slide formatting" is supposed to mean.

Robert Hughes
2-Nov-2009, 17:33
Do you want to format these slides for Windows or Mac OSX?

Greg Lockrey
2-Nov-2009, 18:06
Are you trying to format "slides" to be used in a Power Point presentation?