View Full Version : The Prairie Creek Redwoods Fall Color Report

2-Nov-2009, 00:11
Pretty dang nice.

Jim Fitzgerald
2-Nov-2009, 08:03
Having been there in October all I can say is I wish I was there right now! DANG!!!

Kirk Keyes
3-Nov-2009, 13:45
Redwoods change color???

3-Nov-2009, 14:15
Redwoods change color???
Sure they do -- though just a little bit at a time. Here is the full report!

Pretty dang nice. In fact, down right beautiful. I let the last couple of Falls slip by me, so I am determined not to let it happen this year. I have a few boxes of film and I am going to use them! I also got a new yellow filter to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared a long while back…I love the way it makes the yellow leaves pop out!

Both Maple species were the first to show color under the redwoods and were well underway during my photo adventure of October 12th, with a few trees already at full glory. The rains had not yet started, so everything was fairly dry. I had a good time using the yellow filter! By my next visit on October 21st, the Maples were at their best. Some rain in between visits, so the redwoods felt more like the temperate rain forest it is! Not very cold yet, so the mushrooms are popping out everywhere.

On the first day of November, the older Big-leaf Maples were finished, except for a few choice ones where there is plenty of light. Many of the younger ones are still showing off. There are also a few Vine Maples still at their peak, but most are well on their way out. It was a rare day – sunny, but not much wind

Taking over for the Maples are the Cascara Buckthorns. Usually blending in with the background, these small trees are now outstanding, though perhaps not a vibrant as the Maples. The berry leaves are just beginning to turn. Salmon and Thimble berries are just show a touch of color, and I saw some elderberry well underway. These next couple of weeks will be great…looks like I’ll have to take work off tomorrow and get back into the redwoods before the next storm comes rolls through on Thursday!

The Alders are showing no sign of giving up the green for the winter. They are usually the last to go. It is nice when they finally do – by that time the berries are also gone and the underneath of the redwoods opens up for the rest of the Winter – simplifying the views through the redwoods.

3-Nov-2009, 14:24
How about some pictures? I miss my redwoods!

3-Nov-2009, 16:41
I am developing a few more 8x10 negs from the redwoods tonight -- got to make room for fresh film if I go out and photograph tomorrow! If I get to it tonight, I'll scan a couple carbon prints from my last printing session --an 8x10 image of a group of vine maples dancing around a redwood, and a 4x10, both taken last month. These are just work prints, so I might make a couple minor PhotoShop adjustments to make them look like what I can achieve in the final prints.

But just for you Scott, here is an old one of mine (1986). The tree the young lady was resting upon is now completely covered with huckleberry, spruce seedlings, blackberry, and so forth.

Fallen Redwood, Nude, 1986
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Silver gelatin print from 4x5 negative

Jim Fitzgerald
3-Nov-2009, 18:32
You know you are making me crazy with this, Vaughn. I know what the color is like. Got a taste of it and need to make plans to come back next October. can't wait to see the carbon prints from your trip.