View Full Version : simplified depth of focus scale

joe zarick
5-Dec-2001, 08:14
Is there an "easy" way to determine depth of focus scale for a lens of certain f ocal length?

Michael Veit
5-Dec-2001, 09:08
A convenient Java app (with thanks to Bob Atkins):


Of course, if you mean for out in the field, I can't help you.

Bob Salomon
5-Dec-2001, 10:15
The Rodenstock pocket Depth of Field and Scheimpflug calculator works with any format to 8x10 and any focal length lens at virtually any magnification ratio. Fits your shirt pocket.

5-Dec-2001, 10:45
I can confirm Bob's suggestions - the Rodenstock calculator is really useful if you prefer a methodic, analytical approach - and for a beginner, the results cal culated referring depth of field or amounts of standart angles for Scheimpflug a pplications can be quite instructive (or surprising :)! Please note that your camera should have precise scales for extension as well as swing and tilt if you want to employ the calculator to its fullest potential. A small ruler for measuring image distances on the groundglass eases the use of t he Rodenstock tool further.

Dave Schneidr
5-Dec-2001, 11:39
Bob Wheeler's Vade Mecum running on your PDA is, in my opinion, the most veratile solution. Depth of focus, tilt calculations, bellows factor, etc. all in your hand.