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G Benaim
31-Oct-2009, 08:19
Hi everyone,

I realize this is something of a long shot, but figured I'd ask anyway. I'm going to be in Houston for Fotofest next march, to show my work at their portfolio review. I thought it'd be a good idea to get a show of my work up in Houston while Fotofest is on. I've found a couple of lists of Houston galleries online, but wanted to get people's feedback and help in finding the right fit for my work, especially from locals. Alternative art spaces are also an option, something that's harder to find and gauge online. Any help is much appreciated,

Gabriel Benaim

31-Oct-2009, 12:46
I don't know anything about galleries, but I would like to meet you when you are in Houston. Keep in touch with your schedule.

Clay Harmon, a member of this forum and a Houstonian, may be able to share information about galleries in Houston.

Good luck! Let me know when and where you will be in Houston.

Jeremy Moore
31-Oct-2009, 15:39
This might be rather difficult as every major gallery has already planned out their Fotofest show and the same for the majority of the small ones. Best suggestion I can make is to contact the Fotofest group directly and ask if they know of any gallery/space that has not already booked a show for March.

I'll be down there, too, and if it's the same time I'd love to see your images in person.

31-Oct-2009, 20:16
Jeremy, David, Mike, Matt, et. al.:

Anyone coming down from DFW, let me know when you will be in Houston. We could arrange a get together of like minded folks here in Houston.

G Benaim
1-Nov-2009, 04:18
Thanks Jeremy, I'll try them. And we should definitely get together, Wayne and Jeremy, I'll post something as we get closer and have more definite dates.


clay harmon
1-Nov-2009, 06:20
Fotofest has effectively two levels of venues. The first are the frontline, mainstream gallery spaces, large public building lobbies downtown and so forth, including several that don't normally display photography as their primary artform. There is some name they have for it, something like 'named venues' or something similar. Anyway, these exhibitions are selected by a Fotofest exhibition committee because they fit in with the general theme selected for this exhibition cycle. The deadline for that process has long passed for the 2010 shows.

The second method is to contact some of the more informal display spaces that exist all over town. These are wildly variant in quality and turnout. As a for-instance, there is a women's hair salon in the Montrose area that has continuous photographic exhibits throughout the year and is actually a pretty sought-after venue for Fotofest! They openings like you would encounter in many galleries. Numerous bars, restaurants, and smaller public spaces and foundations such as hospitals also have exhibits. These all just have to be approached on a direct contact basis. It is quite entrepreneurial and fits the 'if you can make it happen, do it' commercial attitude prevalent here in Houston. You would have to contact the PR person if it is a big enough organization to have one, or the in some cases, just talk to the bar owner or head chef!

There is a deadline for securing the space and reaching an agreement if you want to have this location included on the official Fotofest exhibition map and guidebook. I am not sure what that is, but is rapidly approaching if it has not already passed. You might want to check the official Fotofest website for lists of exhibitions from previous years. It will also have notice of any impending deadlines for getting notices to them for inclusion in their printed material.

Hope this helps.

1-Nov-2009, 07:16
Clay beat me to it, with far more detailed info than I could provide.
What session of Meeting Place are you attending? I'll be at Session 3.
If there is interest, I could possibly host a photo get-together here during Fotofest! (Did someone say "party"??)

G Benaim
1-Nov-2009, 08:28
Thanks much Clay, I'll follow that up. Valerie, I'm signed up for session 4, but am planning to be there before that.


1-Nov-2009, 10:22
Clay beat me to it, with far more detailed info than I could provide.
What session of Meeting Place are you attending? I'll be at Session 3.
If there is interest, I could possibly host a photo get-together here during Fotofest! (Did someone say "party"??)

Valerie comes through as always. We accept!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie & Clay: Off line, in person should work best, I need an education re: Fotofest. Will trade Guiness for education.

Gordon Moat
1-Nov-2009, 10:56
I spend part of my year in Houston, usually when I have shoots for corporate clients there. I was just there a few weeks ago, and was eaten alive by mosquitoes in the ship channel, though I got the shots the client wanted. Anyway, if I am going to be in Houston around that time next year, I would enjoy meeting some of you. Hopefully someone posts something near that time.


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