View Full Version : Film Sale and Processing in Las Vegas

David Trumper
15-Jan-2002, 14:14
Can anyone recommend a place to buy Velvia 120 and 5 x 4 film in Las Vegas. Is there also a good place to process the above?

Bill Glickman
15-Jan-2002, 20:03
Nevada Merchandising has the biggest selection...they are located next door to Alans Photo lab who processes E6. Directly behind the Mirage on Industrial Blvd. Also there is Caseys camera on Tropicana who carrys 4x5 film. Be sure to call in advance as this is not exactly a big LF town. Alans processing is a bit high, but they are pretty good for E6. Speak to Barbara.. they offer same day E6.

Todd Caudle
17-Jan-2002, 00:06
I pulled through Vegas early last year (or was it the year before?) and had film processed at Color Reflections. They did an excellent job, totally pro set-up, AND they had a bevy of babes staffing the joint. (Kinda refreshing after many days alone in the desert!) Find them here: 702-262-9300, 4600 S. Polaris Ave., Lost Wages (er, I mean, Las Vegas), NV, 89103.