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29-Oct-2009, 10:31
I have a whole bunch of MF and LF and 35mm negs in those clear plastic negative sleeves and I want to scan them to make digital copies to file with the copyright office. I don't intend to scan each frame separately and instead want to create electronic contact pages of each sleeve (I figure even the small scans of the 35mm frames should be sufficient for the purposes of copyright, so I won't need to blow them up.)

The scanner I can use (not mine - I don't do much digital stuff) is an Epson Stylus Pro v750. I thought I could just lay the sleeve on the scanner-bed and press "Scan" and that's all -- but it turns out that the sleeves are slightly larger than the scanner bed and so part of the negs are cut off in the resultant image.

I'd hate to have to scan the negative strips individually since taking them out of the sleeves and putting them back would be a pain -- I have about 150 sleeves to go through. So is there a quicker, less PIA way of doing this?

Jeremy Moore
29-Oct-2009, 11:53
turn the sleeves 90 degrees and make 2 scans per page. still faster than per strip. put them on a lightbox and photograph them<-- probably the fastest by far as you can set it on manual and batch the processing of the files in photoshop as every exposure will be the same.

or find someone/somewhere with a tabloid scanner with transparency adapter like the Epson 1000XL.

29-Oct-2009, 12:10
What you want to do is how I do it, though on my Epson, a full page of 35mm strips fit in the Print File page. Treat as though it was paper copy instead of a negative. The images will be slightly softer than had you laid the strips right on the glass, but that was not an issue for me. I then, in an image editor, outline the 35mm images as a group with the cropping tool, but rather than cropping, I do an inversion. You have positive images then and still have lots of white space on the printed page for notes.

Jeremy Moore
29-Oct-2009, 14:43
or find someone/somewhere with a tabloid scanner with transparency adapter like the Epson 1000XL.

typo, that should be 10000XL