View Full Version : 5x7" Portra NC film

28-Oct-2009, 20:24
Kodak has stopped cutting 5x7" sheets so to order one must by between 30-60 boxes depending on the supplier. Does anyone have any boxes they might want to sell asap???meridel@nets.com

Jan Pedersen
28-Oct-2009, 20:38
Check this thread, it may be your lucky day :)


29-Oct-2009, 03:54
Nothing concrete to report as yet, but I believe several of us are looking for a fix of some sort. Will post any news or progress as it develops.

30-Oct-2009, 13:14
We have a solution for purchasing 5x7 Portra 160NC, recently made unobtainable (virtually) from B&H. Jeff at Badger Graphic Sales will assist us in putting together a group order. His procedure couldn't be simpler, call him at the store (800) 558-5350 and let him know how many boxes you would like to order. When he has accumulated a sufficient number of orders he will go ahead and purchase from Kodak. Although he cannot know exactly as yet, he anticipates his price will be the same or very similar to what B&H has charged.
So get those calls in! Kodak is apparently no longer producing new Portra, we must get it while we can (and it is still in date).

1-Nov-2009, 08:10
bump for attention-getting type purpose.