View Full Version : Weight and size of a box of 50 sheets of 4x5?

26-Oct-2009, 22:28

I measured my Pro 160S box of 10... 12x15cm by about 2cm thick, feels like about 100g, I want to calc postage for a box of velvia 4x5 50 sheets instead of getting ripped off on postage :)

Ive estimated both 500g and 800g and 4cm thick for postage options.

26-Oct-2009, 22:52
A 50 sheet box of 4x5 Tri-X 320 (new) weighs 289.9 grams -- which is two grams heavier than the new TMax400. It is 3.2 cm thick -- both boxes are the same -- actually 145mm x 116mm x 32mm.