View Full Version : Where to have Arca B1 cleaned

26-Oct-2009, 14:57

My Arca Swiss B1 ballhead is bit stiff from sand and dust. Where in UK can I get it cleaned?

I used to send it to the Arca repesentative in Chicago when I live in US but I have moved to London since last year.


Jeffrey Sipress
27-Oct-2009, 09:58
I imagine there are just a few screws to remove to open it for cleaning. They are simple mechanisms. Any camera repair shop should be able to do it. Try it yourself.

27-Oct-2009, 10:21
.....Try it yourself.

I tried that once, and made a real mess of things. Take it to a shop that has experience with Arca. Call Arca in France, I'm sure they can direct you to someone.

john biskupski
29-Oct-2009, 10:12
Tao, post the question on the UK based lf-photo.org site, someone there may know. Or, call Alex Falk at Mr Cad, he may know where to send it.