View Full Version : Rodinal for TXP 320 & Foma 100 (4x5 & 8x10)

26-Oct-2009, 14:19
Does anyone use Rodinal for both TXP 320 and Foma 100? I'd like the convenience of a liquid and single developer. I've used HP Combi Plan and tray development. My tray development might need some work, have seen slightly damaged emulsion on at least one 8x10. My trays have several valleys / channels on the bottom.

If you have any advice on rating, dilutions, temps, techniques, etc. or times different from the massive dev chart, I'm all ears.


Jiri Vasina
26-Oct-2009, 23:28
I use Rodinal for all my BW films - Fomapan (100 and 200), Adox CHS 25, Wephota NP15 and NP22, Ilford HP5+ and FP4+.

I have not shot any TXP 320 (only some sheets of T-Max 400).

For Fomapan 100 my routine is: expose at EI 64, develop in Rodinal 1:50 20C for 10:00min, in Jobo tanks with continuous agitation on Uniroller motor base. The results are good to my eye, they scan well. But others have noted that my time seems too long to them, so use it only as starting point for your test... (you can have a look at what I get here on my website (http://www.vasina.net/?tag=fomapan-100)).

Hope this helps.

Vlad Soare
30-Oct-2009, 03:30
Fomapan 100 and Rodinal/R09 work great together.
My normal time (admittedly in R09 1+40, not in Rodinal) is much shorter than Jiř's, it's just six minutes at 20 degrees Centigrade in a rotary tank, and seven minutes in an inversion tank. You'll have to test it first, to find your personal EI and development time; once you do that you'll find Fomapan and Rodinal a great combo.

Fomapan 100 also seems to like stand development in very diluted Rodinal. Use two hours at 1+200 as a starting point and experiment from there. It works great with extremely contrasty scenes.

Per Madsen
30-Oct-2009, 04:55
I use Rodinal for all my large format work.

I usualy use Rodinal 1+100 in my CombiPlan tank with a presoak
in water first.