View Full Version : where do I find "Vade Mecum"

26-Oct-2009, 09:03
a variety of posts on this board have made reverence to "Vade Mecum"
which from the references seems to be a compendium of lens information
have looked at the various reference pages on this site and have googled it but
have not found a link

where do people find this reference info?


Steven Tribe
26-Oct-2009, 09:24
CCHarrison will answer this as he has the distribution rights for VM. Until about a year ago there was a downloadable version, without illustrations, available on the net which appeared quite high up on google searches. I think it has gone now. Infringement of copyright, I would imagine.

Oren Grad
26-Oct-2009, 09:29

26-Oct-2009, 10:14
thanks you