View Full Version : Ooops....Photo Flo in the Jobo!

J. P. Mose
15-Jan-2002, 10:38

Not paying attention to instructions, I used Photo Flo solution in my new Jobo t ank 3 - 4 times. I have washed all the parts thoroughly. Hopefully there is no problems. My questions: Why can't Photo Flo be used with a Jobo tank?

If it is a residue problem...would 3 - 4 times usage cause any buildup and how s hould I strip the residue?

Best regards,

J. P. Mose

Bill Jefferson
15-Jan-2002, 11:23

Foaming, u don't want it in the tank.

Jennifer Waak
15-Jan-2002, 12:37
From the Jobo website:

"Stabilizer or wetting agents, of any type, any brand, should not be used in the tank or with the film on the reels. It doesn't really damage the reel, but it causes a sludge-like build-up which ultimately can cause contamination and loading problems. Wetting agents and stabilizers don't wash off. They seem to chemically bond with anything they contact. Kodak even has instructions for users of stainless steel reels for reducing (not eliminating) the buildup.

In our darkroom at JOBO USA, we use a Rubbermaid or Tupperware type container to hold our stabilizer. The snap-on lid keeps the solution clean between uses and we don't have to smell the odor from the stabilizer. We choose a container deep enough for 120 film and wide enough for 4x5 film. When we're ready to stabilize the film, we simply twist the roll film reel counterclockwise to open the two halves, and then allow the film to drop into the solution. After one minute, we wipe off the excess with a JOBO squeegee. We don't get any scratches on the film, and we avoid build-up on the reels."

Steve Baggett
15-Jan-2002, 12:51
JP, you are probably OK. It's a cumulative thing. It took me about 4-5 months to "crud up" a plastic reel with stabilizer residue. I wouldn't worry too much at present but as your mother said "just don't do it again, young man!"