View Full Version : Cases for Arca Swiss F-line

mike rosenlof
31-Mar-1999, 12:42

I'm a new owner of an Arca Swiss F-line classic. I love it. Now I'm looking fo r a case to carry the beast and either (1) carry it on an airplane - max dimensi ons 22x14x9 for United. Or (2) Check it safely as airline baggage.

Obviously (1) is much prefered, but with a really good sturdy case, I would chec k it, but worry.

Anybody have a favorite out there?

Robert Anderson
31-Mar-1999, 20:06
Congrat.'s Mike! I haul my A/S F-line, 4 lenses mounted on Wista boards, A/S bino hood, Polaroid back, Fuji Q/L holder, meters, filters, ect. in a Tenba Air Max case [about $230 from B&H]. It will not "legally" fit the airline reg.'s, but is close.

Ellis Vener
31-Mar-1999, 22:12
I have used a Lightware 1420 case, similar to the Tenba case mentioned above. Th e problem is neither of these cases will fit the new rules for carry-on luggage. I carry about the same amount of gear as above.

James Chow
1-Apr-1999, 00:04
I don't use the A-S camera, but use a Lowe Pro phototrekker AW, which does (barely) meet United's specs. You can pack the outer pockets but can't stuff them (I keep film in them in a large, ziplock bag, pull the film out and request a hand inspection; this make the bag slimmer, so it fits in the baggage template). This bag will fit a lot of equipment; I know the A-S F-line, Linhof technikardan S45, and Toyo VX125 will fit, as I looked at them and compared measurements. I would not check in anything unless it's in a hard case. You can always get a pelican case and toss the entire backpack into it and check it in.

mike rosenlof
10-Apr-1999, 15:58
As a follow up, I just bought a Lowe Pro Roller 1 case. It's wheeled, 22x14.5x9.5 . It's a hair larger than the official United dimensions. I went straight from the shop to the airport where it did fit through the templates on the X-ray machines. The wheels are nice. The case has a removable insert that pulls out from the basic rolling suitcase. Conceivably, I could pull the LF kit and drop in a MF or 35mm kit. I don't know what the inserts cost.

Lightware is aparently selling a new case that is exactly the dimensions I stated in my original question. I hear that they are selling faster than Lightware can make them right now.