View Full Version : New Pyro developerfrom"Creative Monochrome Ltd."

Trevor Crone
14-Jan-2002, 15:55
I've just received a complimentary pack of their new CM Pyro dev. It comes in po wder form but are premeasured in their respective containers A & B all you need do is add the required amount of de-ionised water(125ml to each bottle). Recommended dil. is 1 part A & B to 38 parts of water. Dev. time is 7min. with most films of ISO 50-400. Controling the contrast by time is not recommended, instead vary the dil. of sol n.B. Increase by 10-15% increases contrast, decreasing by this amount decreases contrast. Need for experiment I feel. Comes with an excellent info. sheet two paper filters and protective gloves. For more info. log onto www.cremono.com