View Full Version : Polaroid 405 w 4x5 Crown Graphic?

Frank Petronio
24-Oct-2009, 07:28
Will this back slide in and not "bump" out (like with some cameras) without having to use the Graflock side clamps? And is the darkslide accessible and easy to use when inserted into a Crown?

I know that in theory it should be perfectly usable but it doesn't hurt to check first, I've had some cameras have little quirks like that.

The currently manufactured Fuji Instant medium format material will work with this back as I understand it. Are there any better backs (that will work with a 4x5 Graflock-backed camera) out there, made by Fuji or Polaroid?

My next question is, "Anyone want to sell me their Polaroid 405?"


Vick Vickery
24-Oct-2009, 08:28
Should slide in/out OK...I've used 405 backs from time-to-time with a Busch Pressman, a Graphic View II, a Cambo, and a Super Graphic. The major drawback is the 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" format that needs to be marked on the ground glass so you'll know what you're getting...offset to one end, not centered; Fuji does make a full 4x5 pack back that I think slides in (I've not used one yet) and covers the whole thing. Seller has probably forgotten about Fuji film and thinks the back is useless. :) Also, the film is fairly expensive.

Glenn Thoreson
24-Oct-2009, 11:05
If it will, by chance, actually fit under the focus panel it will be a very tight fit. They are about as thick as 2+ film holders. I wouldn't want to chance it. I couldn't get one to fit under mine. No matter, as I didn't want it anyway. Use the sliders to clamp it on. Use care with the dark slide. They're a bit on the flimsy side.

Greg Lockrey
24-Oct-2009, 15:13
Works with mine...
But it's one of the 30 year old ones.