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Erik Asgeirsson
14-Jan-2002, 13:47
Are the results from D-76H identical to packaged D-76, and can development times be considered equal for 1:1 and 1:3 dilutions? I plan to use this developer mostly with FP4+.

14-Jan-2002, 18:16
Erik -

According to <http://www.speakeasy.org/~mrjones/d76.htm> D-76H can be used for the same development times (with the same results) as D-76, and also at 1:1 with same results & times as regular D-76 1:1. A reference WRT this info is given on the above page to Steve Anchell's Darkroom Cookbook, which I would certainly consider a reliable source for developer info.

Please note that I have never personally used D-76H. I'm very happy with D-76 @ 1:1, which like you I use with FP4+ (and HP5+). What is the benefit of eliminating the hydroquinone?


Hans Berkhout
15-Jan-2002, 00:21
I use D76H 1:2 @ 75F. For + development I dilute 1:1. HP5+ 19min for N; 13.5min for N-1 and 11min for N-2. Open up 2/3 stop for every -. 16min for N+1 but dil @ 1:1

FP4+ 13.5min for N; 11.5min for N-1; 15min for N+1 but dil 1:1.

These are my times, gives you an idea. I use an old Jobo manual inversion tank with reels.

15-Jan-2002, 12:56
Let's try this again. Don't know why it didn't take, but here's the page with the D-76H info:


Sal Santamaura
15-Jan-2002, 13:41
Eliminating the hydroquinone avoids pH changes during storage which, with standard D-76, increase its activity over time. Consistent results instead of overdeveloped negatives with month-old solution.