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Adrian Ng'asi
3-Dec-2001, 23:21
In October I bought a 11X14 Agfa paper named above at a local store in my neighb ourhood. A month later I went to a community lab (recently open with new and wor king equipment) and tried to print a couple of my 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 sheet film. I wa s supreise to see a line running from top to bottom at the same place for more t hat 10 papers. I tried printing using different negatives, machines and even len ses but the line wouldn't go and I concluded that it was a factory defect. I too k the paper back and I was given the same type of paper (they were very generous and understanding). This past Sunday I went to the lab again and the same thing happened with a line stretching from top to bottom and did all possible tests a nd decided to use my 8 X 10 (same paper) for printing and never got the "irritat iong" line. This afternoon I called the store and registered the complaint and t hey said they will exchange or give me refund (I will exchange). My questions is , has anyone of you come accress similar problem? I can provide you with the lot number 084779257117.


NG Sai-kit
4-Dec-2001, 00:32
Hi Adrian, I use MCP 312 RC 8x10 for more than a year and printed thousand of photos and found no problem at all. I wonder if the problem came from the factory and you should launch a complaint to AGFA.

Good Luck Kit

Dave Schneidr
4-Dec-2001, 00:59
The problem I had with the Agfa Multicontrast RC was that all of the stock on my dealers shelf in 11x14 size was fogged. The box of 8x10 I bought was fine but the 11x14 was fogged to about a Zone VII grey. I tried several packages as did the dealer. All were about the same. The 8X10 was received by the dealer in the same shipment although who knows what the history was before that. I've since given up on Agfa paper which is too bad because I really liked it. Perhaps the fact that it sells more slowly means that paper ages more in the distribution chain. Just guessing.

Riaan Lombard
4-Dec-2001, 02:27
Adrian, now there I thought I was losing it! About three months ago it happened - a thin 5% grey line +-3mm wide exactly parallel to one side all the way through. On about half of the paper in the box. HA!, try developing some with NO exposure, it is actually very funny once you stop cursing in the dark:) Ryan

Sandy Sorlien
4-Dec-2001, 09:04
I've had that fogging problem with the Agfa fiber MG Classic. Entire box fogged lightly. It had been sitting in my (cool & dry) basement darkroom for several months, but that's a pretty short time for that to happen. And it wasn't the first time.

4-Dec-2001, 11:11
I only got a whole box with one corner black. Since I print 8x12 on 11x14 it didn't interfere with the image, but nearly drove me crazy wondering what I had done!

andrea milano
4-Dec-2001, 13:39
Tis is very strange......I am very puzzled. I reularly use Agfa papers, never had any complaint , but about one year ago I printed some pictures, might have been part of a box might have been a 10 pieces pack of 30x40cm, and they vere, partly fogged, usable but fogged nevertheless, I did assume at the time that it was my fault....but now that so many people are saying this......I don't know anymore........ . On the other hand , I know how films and papers are manifactured and the chance of anything like this happening , escaping the check ups and the testing, on different batcher throughout the world seems very unlikely. I invite the community to use the uppermost prudence and scepticism in spreading "urban Legends" before we are absolutely sure that no other factors are involved. Good luck and greetings to all.

andrea milano
4-Dec-2001, 13:42
apologies for spelling and typing mistakes.............

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