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Lee Christopher
23-Oct-2009, 06:06
My friend just got her first view camera, and a lens with no name on the shutter.

I'll post pictures of the lens later, but meanwhile, I measured the outer diameter of the part that would normally go through the lensboard and it's exactly 39mm.

I checked that against the data listed in the homepage and there's nothing listed for a lensboard hole of 39mm.

Does anyone have any idea what shutter this could be, and where to get a Sinar / Horseman 140x140mm lensboard for it?


Lee Christopher
23-Oct-2009, 06:57
This is the exact same lens and shutter:


23-Oct-2009, 07:27
Linhof OEMed Compur. Diameters are fairly irrelevant when it comes to OEM shutters - in bulk amounts shutters could always be ordered to fit a given board or lens. Hence beware the cheap shutters from process cameras, copiers or the like floating around on ebay - many are so cheap because they are non-standard in one way or other and won't fit anything.

Lee Christopher
23-Oct-2009, 07:46
Thanks Sevo.

Guess the best way is to get a blank lensboard and drill it to say 39.2mm.


23-Oct-2009, 08:04
41.6mm would be the official width for the matching hole. Not really a unusual size - Copal/Compur #1, for which there are plenty of lens boards around.

Oh, and that page on largeformatphotography.info lists the bore hole sizes, not thread diameters - there used to be a page at SKgrimes.com listing the latter, but I mislaid the link and can't find it there.

23-Oct-2009, 08:44

Lee Christopher
23-Oct-2009, 09:52
Hang on, would a 41.6mm hole be too large? The thread is 39mm so that leaves 2.6mm of free play ...

23-Oct-2009, 09:56
Well-made flanges should have a small tapered edge between thread and body, to center the shutter in the bore. There must be a bit of play for that.

Lee Christopher
23-Oct-2009, 10:11
Ah well, I hope the new board has not been ordered yet.

It's past 1am here and she's asleep now.

I'll inform her later today.

Thanks guys.