View Full Version : which polarizer for fuji 90 f8 lens?

21-Oct-2009, 14:24

before i can afford to splurge on a lee filter 4x4 kit, i was wondering which 67mm polarizer i can use in the meantime? do i need a slim/wide angle version of the polarizer or is a regular one fine (as it won't produce any vignetting) for this lens? can i get away with a linear polarizer as well?
i'm looking to get a tiffen polarizer.

thanks for the help!

Gem Singer
21-Oct-2009, 15:15
I use a regular 67mm linear polarizer with my Fuji f8 90SW.

It's a B&W, but a Tiffen should work just as well. No need to use a circular polarizer.

If you're worried about vignetting, you can use a 77mm polarizer along with a 67-77mm step-up ring.

Bob Salomon
21-Oct-2009, 15:19
You don't need a circular for a view camera. But you will need a polarizer larger then the lens thread to avoid vignetting, especially with back movements. You can either get a wide angle polarizer or a thin step-up ring with a slim polarizer. Do be aware, when using a polarizer with wide angle lenses, that parts of the sky are naturally polarized and other parts are not. If you capture both areas while using a polarizer you will get bands of dark and light sky.

21-Oct-2009, 15:47
great! thanks guys! :)

21-Oct-2009, 23:46
Although you don't really need a circular polarizer for a large format camera, I would still suggest buying a circular instead of a linear (even tho' the circ pol costs quite a bit more). Reason for suggestion: a circular polarizer can be used on any and all cameras... a linear polarizer cannot be used on auto-focus cameras. Why spend a bunch of money on a filter now that cannot be used on something else you may buy in the future?

A further suggestion: You mention wanting a Tiffen polarizer. If you're wanting a high-grade polarizer, I would suggest looking at a different brand. There are considerable differences between brands (ie: contrast, color changes, depth of effects). For quality, look at B+W, Heliopan, Lee, Singh-Ray, ... perhaps a few others I can't right now recall. Yes... they'll cost quite a bit more than a Tiffen or Hoya, but are well-worth the added expense.

Carsten Wolff
22-Oct-2009, 01:17
There is an interesting older ('95) article on different polarizers by Joe Englander; it should be for general reference still valid: Here is a link: http://englander-workshops.com/sitemap.php; scroll down on the left.... He also advocates a 2x exposure increase (as opposed to x1.5) for most polarizers.