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20-Oct-2009, 18:31
Hi everyone,
I just got for testing (read playing with) a Unicolor drum and motor. How much chemistry do I need to do 2 sheets of 8x10 film justice? I know with BTZS tubes it is 8oz pre tube (1 sheet) But 16oz seems high & wasteful for this tube.

So ???

I will be using Rodinal, Pyrocat HD & HC110 ... in that order.

Any input on time/temp/diluting would be the greatest. 810 isn't the cheapest stuff you know ...

Thanks !


Michael Heald
20-Oct-2009, 19:31
Hello! With TMax RS, I used 270cc for the 11x14 drum and two 8x10 sheets of TMax. For the 8x10 drum and 4 sheets of 4x5, I used 135cc. Both worked well. With some experimentation, I'm sure I could get by with less. Best regards.


Dan Ingram
20-Oct-2009, 20:05
Hi -- for four 4x5s in an 8x10 drum I've always used 250cc of Rodinal, and reduced the developing time by about 10%. It's always worked fine for me, though I admit the 250cc is just an arbitrary amount. It probably would work fine with less.


20-Oct-2009, 20:49

20-Oct-2009, 21:00
Thanks everyone so far ...

I remember reading about diluting and film square inch problems. Like (not accurate) you need 10ml of Rodinal in the mixture to get it even development from 1 sheet 8x10. From the instructions in WILL'S post it says 2 oz of chemicals.

Hmmmm .... at 1:50 @ 2 oz thats just a spit of the Rodinal syrup in with the film.

Keep the good news comin'

pablo batt
21-Oct-2009, 03:01
250ml for 8x10
200ml for 2 x 4x5