View Full Version : Atlanta, GA Zone VI Enlarger Darkroom Contact

Nick Stanislo
13-Jan-2002, 11:33
I am hoping to find someone in the Atlanta, GA area that has a darkroom set up u sing a Zone VI enlarger that would be willing to initiate a personal contact bef ore March 2002. I will be building my own darkroom at that time and am looking for someone to bounch ideas off of. Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks .

Scott Hamming
15-Jan-2002, 17:27
Nick, you may want to touch base with someone at Roswell Photo Society (.org, I believe). Seems like a pretty active group based on the web site. Might be a long shot, but a shot nonetheless. Unfortunately for my photography, I'm too busy with work & children to attend (YET) let alone get in the darkroom for more than a few hours every other week so I can't really give you any specific info. on them. Good luck and keep shooting. Scott