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19-Oct-2009, 15:37
Hi i am trying to find someone that can do Ilfochrome printing near Logan Ut. 84321

I have searched all over and called every lab i could asking and have found nothing. If anyone has any information as to where i could get some prints done that would be awesome!

also looking for somewhere that can do Fujifilm silver halide crystal prints


19-Oct-2009, 15:54
I used to custom print cibachrome and ilfochrome from 1991 to 2000.
From small stuff to murals.
You are going to be hard pressed to find someone now.

Fuji crystal will be alot easier.

Check thru Oregon and Washington state, I believe there are some old school labs left in those states.

I used to do some custom ilfochromes at a place called "udevelop darkroom rental lab" in Portland, OR.
Call them and ask speciffically, there should be some printing minds hanging around to hopefully get you going.

19-Oct-2009, 16:05
I visited a peter lik gallery in hawaii and the pictures in the gallery looked like they were backlit which they were not, but just that quality of print made it look amazing. thats what im trying to find.. i was told it was a Ilfochrome. then others said you can achive the same look with Silver Halide Fuji crystal archive prints but i cant find anyone that can do that around here either. only small 8x10 fuji crystal prints, not silver halide

Drew Wiley
19-Oct-2009, 16:25
There are still commercial Ilfochrome printers around. Try the LA/Hollywood area. As
far as Peter Lik's work is concerned, it's digital and very, very, very fake color. Fuji
Supergloss can achieve a look similar to Ilfochrome and is more common nowadays,
though most houses now print it digitally only. Ilfochrome is generally printed optically,
directly from masked transparencies, and will be more expensive than Fuji Supergloss.
If it isn't masked the results will probably be disappointing.

19-Oct-2009, 16:41
thanks for the lead on that lab Joey,
I called digicraft at u develop up in Portland OR and talked to AL and it sounds like they can do what i need with fuji flex (supergloss) real nice guy.


Raymond Bleesz
20-Oct-2009, 06:11
Perhaps contact Wasatch Photo in SLC for info


20-Oct-2009, 16:45
Your welcome.
I did work for AL on a part time basis way back there in the 90's :)
I'm glad to hear he is still pumping out work, traditionally and digitally.

Do miss the good ole days of cranking out prints on a horizontal Devere with 8x10 internegs and masked LF transparencies.

Jim Cole
20-Oct-2009, 16:58
There are two here in Flagstaff, AZ:



20-Oct-2009, 17:08
Hiddenlight is no longer printing Ilfochrome. I had a couple of prints done by them a few years ago and they are beautiful. I also had one print done by Hance Partners. I'm very happy with their work too.

Renato Tonelli
21-Jan-2010, 08:42
Holy c**p! Seven threads on Ilfochrome in one day! What's up with that?

Renato Tonelli
21-Jan-2010, 08:43
Oops! I think see what's up: old threads are being resurrected.