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18-Oct-2009, 08:47
Hi, I'm new to the forum and just getting back into large format after some years. I live in the UK and want to know where the best places in the UK and Europe to buy 10x8 film and used cameras/lenses/accessories. I know about Silverprint in London, are there any mail order/internet sources?

Pete Watkins
19-Oct-2009, 01:04
Silverprint are good and Ag in Birmingham have a good reputation. Beware of South London and any dealer who won't speak to customers on the telephone.
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23-Oct-2009, 02:30
I'll second Silverprint and Ag. Ffordes have a limited range of second-hand LF accessories as does Robert White.

23-Oct-2009, 02:53
Calumet are the cheapest I've found for 8x10 colour neg.

Pete Watkins
23-Oct-2009, 07:11
There is a big camera fair at Cottenham Village College in Cambridge (CB4 8UA) on Sunday the 8th of November. Opens at 9-30 am. I've never been there but other fairs that I have been to have been fun. Never seen 8x10 film but I have bought many lenses, none with shutters, at really silly prices, even got some cheap 8x10 film holders at one fair.
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29-Oct-2009, 09:48
Process Supplies (London) Ltd are one of the oldest suppliers of film and darkroom supplies in the UK. They are in Mount Pleasant, London WC1 (they are on the web) and can supply any film that is available. I have been using them for years. Nick