View Full Version : Options for Cooke 7in/4.5 Series II in Ilex Dialset

17-Oct-2009, 22:39
I'm curious as to the mounting options for this lens - It is currently in a dialset Ilex - no number on shutter - only Acme - Ilex. Might there be a modern shutter equivalent for direct mount? Also any info on this lens would be appreciated - Cooke Anastigmat Lens 5x7 No.33xxx f 4.5 7 inch Series II....Thanks in advance...

Dan King

Paul Fitzgerald
17-Oct-2009, 22:46

That should be a direct fit into a newer Ilex Universal or Acme rimset shutter of equal size (body OD). Exception would be a shutter made for Kodak, different threads.

Good luck with it.

18-Oct-2009, 08:44
I was under the impression that the lens threads were different between the 'dialset' and 'ringset' type Ilex shutters, as well as all Kodak threads being different.

The shutter I have appears to be a #3 Ilex dialset

According to the SK Grimes spec sheet - the dialset is 1.785/48 - while the ringset is 1.775/48 - is this difference enough to cause mounting issues.

Is the Universal Ilex based on a ringset Ilex - dimension wise?

Are there copal options for this lens?

Half of the lenses I use are in a barrel - the others are in copal - I have no experience with Ilex shutters.

Dan King

Dan Fromm
18-Oct-2009, 09:44
Dan, measure and if necessary consult SKGrimes. If the shutter isn't well and truly kaput, consider having it overhauled.

I don't know how you use lenses in barrel, perhaps you can use y'r 7"/4.5 as if in barrel. I've used lenses in dead shutters whose diaphragms worked as if in barrel.



Glenn Thoreson
18-Oct-2009, 11:32
In addition to finding the right size and thread pitch, you have to get the spacing right. Not all shutters are the same depth, front, back or both. There's little chance it will fit directly into a modern shutter.

18-Oct-2009, 19:46
Thanks for the replies...

I could use it as if it were in a barrel - lens cap shutter...but the only way I can keep the shutter open is to tape the cocking/timer lever - the shutter won't stay open any other way. Is there a trick to keeping this type of shutter open??

The Sk Grimes site says to avoid this type of shutter -

"The Ilex company came up with at least one real dog of a model: The Dial set version illustrated below on the left, is a lookalike for a more expensive German made shutter. They rarely work at all and reliable operation is nearly impossible. These should be avoided."

Guess I'll look into a universal and take my chances - paying close attention to the depth...

Thanks again,
Dan King