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Kirk Keyes
16-Oct-2009, 22:15
In case anyone missed it here there are a few people from this forum that are trying to get together a bulk order of Fuji Acros Quickloads.

The order will be made through www.japanexposures.com and we need to get at least a 50 box order together to get a price break - a 100 box order should get a better break. The price will depend on exchange rates between the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, and there are some duty fees involved, and the orders can be shipped directly to the purchaser's home. I expect the price will be somewhere around $110 per box. The expiration date should be mid/2011.

If you are interested, send me an email at kirk@keyesphoto.com and let me know how many boxes you would be interested in getting. We need to get this info in by the end of October and Fuji is expected to fill them by the end of the year.

16-Oct-2009, 22:33
I remember that Badger used to have acros QL for $55 a box when Fuji USA import these film. Good old days... Maybe price is the reason Fuji USA no longer import acros QL.

17-Oct-2009, 07:06
$110/box? Yikes. It may be cheaper for you to fly to Japan and buy it yourself, come back and sell off the extra boxes you don't need to pay for the flight!

SW Rick
17-Oct-2009, 08:43

Thanks for your work on this! That price doesn't work for me, so I'm going to forget about Fuji and Quickloads.


17-Oct-2009, 10:32
Is that for a 20 sheet box? If so, that is more than TMY2 8x10. Quickloads/Readiloads are nice though.

17-Oct-2009, 11:23
Geez, that's over $5 a sheet! The last time I purchased Acros QL was from Midwest for $45 or $48 for a box of 20.

If you really want to continue shooting Acros (I do!) and cost is a purchasing decision (it is with me!), then I recommend you become reaquainted with the film holder. It's really not that much of a hassle and IMO they hold the film flatter and vibration free than the QL holder. F-64 film holder cases (~$25 new) will hold 6 holders and zip closed to keep the dust, etc out.

Kirk Keyes
22-Oct-2009, 11:28

Drew Wiley
22-Oct-2009, 12:37
I wouldn't get too cynical. The exchange rate is pretty rough right now, but won't stay
that way forever. And Quickloads aren't just about convenience, but about portability.
In my case, they're really handy for backpacking in order to keep weight down. I've only got enough in the freezer for one long trip left. In the meantime I dug out my old
Mido holders and Harrison "Pup" tent. Nice system, but it means trying to scrub your
fingers clean and finding a nice shady spot without dust in order to set up the tent,
weather allowing in the mtns. One more chore. The Mido holders leak a tiny bit of light
along the loading flap, but only enough to spoil about 1/16" into the image, so no big
deal. Then you have to take a set of change-out filmboxes or else corner notch the
film for development identification, whereas with Quickloads you just write your data
on the sleeve. Analogous issues with airline travel.

22-Oct-2009, 13:39
I like the idea of Quickloads but for that price I can buy a Grafmatic.

22-Oct-2009, 15:14
I too would normaly be interested in a few boxes as I am down to my last two. But honesly not at that price point. I would need the price to be under $70 a box (before shipping) to make it worth my while.

Harley Goldman
22-Oct-2009, 15:37
I am interested in getting some Acros QLs, but that price is a bit steep for me. Should the exchange rate turn and it come down significantly, I would be very interested.

22-Oct-2009, 22:01
Does Fuji deliberately sell their film cheaper in U.S. market than in Japan market? I mean when Fuji usa carried acros QL it was $55 a box, I dont think the exchange rate was 1:200 then.

Robert Hughes
23-Oct-2009, 11:55
Back in the day, Fuji and every other Japanese company was selling everything below cost in order to gain market share in the USA. Walter Mondale was Ambassador to Japan, and fought with them for years to stop their below-market export pricing schemes, to no avail. I remember being in Japan in the 80's, seeing electronics for sale at fully twice the retail price there as here. But now that China has replaced Japan as the low-cost source of cheap plastic, Fuji has to make money with its US sales.

23-Oct-2009, 12:01
Let's see if acros non QL is $1.7 per sheet, both tmax and delta is $1.1 per sheet, why is it so expensive to manufacture in Japan?

Drew Wiley
23-Oct-2009, 12:09
There is a difference between price dumping, which is generally illegal, and a differential market. It is fairly common for identical things to be more expensive in the
Japanese or German market where they were actually made than in the US simply because the home market is accustomed to paying a premium. This is something killing Sinar at the moment, because they have been far too slow to respond to what
Americans perceive as sticker shock. When they were the only game in town they got
away with it, but no longer. Consumer electronics are a more volatile and complicated market, including digital cameras. There are also issues of economies of scale, and of
protecting the marketing rights of official distributors. Unfortunately, there are also a
lot of just plain jerks and idiots in the marketing pipeline, who just want their bonus
(or at the moment, just to keep their job), who couldn't care less about the long-term
reputation of the corporation. I a professional buyer and go through this stuff on a
daily basis. In many cases it's usesless to second-guess the logic of a corporate
decision, simply because it wasn't logical in the first place. One reason so many manufacturers are failing right now is because they have been making really dumb decisions all along.

Robert Hughes
23-Oct-2009, 12:55
One reason so many manufacturers are failing right now is because they have been making really dumb decisions all along.
It's just that, earlier on, there was enough money floating around to cover their ineptitude. Now, people are being much more careful, and bad decision making is no longer profitable (unless you're on Wall Street).

John T
23-Oct-2009, 18:08
Fuji and every other Japanese company was selling everything below cost in order to gain market share in the USA

This was a situation that wasn't quite correct. Fuji Crystal Archive paper was much cheaper than the corresponding Kodak paper for another obvious marketing reason. Fuji was only available in one quantity per size 8x10 was only sold in 100 sheets boxes, 11 x 14 was only available in 50 sheets boxes, etc. Kodak offered 8x10 in 10 sheets, 25 sheets, and 100 sheets boxes. This allowed Fuji to deal with only 1 set of packaging and it allowed dealers to not have to stock more packages that wouldn't always sell.

Dirk Rösler
25-Oct-2009, 22:31
Let's see if acros non QL is $1.7 per sheet, both tmax and delta is $1.1 per sheet, why is it so expensive to manufacture in Japan?

The mistake is to take a fact (product price) and try to deduce other facts ("manufacturing is expensive in Japan/Germany/etc."). As Drew has indicated, there are a variety of factors in deciding a market price, and not all of it is rational or scientific. In the old days you would have never seen or cared how much a product cost elsewhere, now with the web it is much different.

Ivan J. Eberle
26-Oct-2009, 08:44
No wonder Grafmatic prices have recently gone sky-high.