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John Hennessy
12-Jan-2002, 03:08
Has anyone used a binocular viewing hood on a Technikardan 45S? If so which one. Linhof seems not to make one.

A Sinar example I just read about had only a 1.5x loupe in it. That may not be e nough for me.

Is it worth the wieght?


Bob Salomon
12-Jan-2002, 06:52
Linhof makes a very practical 2x Monocular type RA viewer.

Why would you want a binocular device to view a 2 dimensional image on the ground glass?

Ruud Knulst
12-Jan-2002, 08:53
In Holland you can buy a conversion plate for fitting Horseman Folding Reflex Viewer to Linhof cameras. See http://www.phootos.com

Good luck!

scott jones
12-Jan-2002, 11:17
To answer Bob's question about why you would want a binocular viewer: Obviously there is no advantage for stereoscopic viewing of a two dimentional image. BUT, the comfort factor of being able to naturally use both eyes with magnification is great. No squinting through one eye with a loupe. This is a small point, but I find using my folding viewer extremely natural and comfortable AND I get to see the whole image magnified, not just a small circle of it. The face plate cups my face naturally and blocks all the light. Since I got my viewer I have not touched my dark cloth in 40 shots. This IS a pleasure. Also I am finding upright image viewing very nice. It therefore has removed yet another aspect of large format that can slow one down (inverted image composition) For all of these reasons I am delighted with the device...


Bob Salomon
12-Jan-2002, 13:05
And, Scott how convenient is vertical viewing.

The simple fact is that 2x magnification is fine for viewing but inadequate for critical focusing.

luis a de santos
12-Jan-2002, 13:13
I totally agree with the previous comment on binocular viewing. I have owned a tk45 and I always wished they had a binocular.Despite Mr Salomon comment,the fact is that Linhof monocular device is not very useful. I currently own an Arca 45 system and I very happy with their binocular viewer. I will say if you can get that adaptor for you tk45 go ahead and get it,you will see a great improvement.And you can focus just fine,by de way.

John Hennessy
12-Jan-2002, 15:39
Dear Ruud,

Thanks that was very helpful information. Hve you used the Horseman Folding Reflex Viewer? And have you dealt with the phootos.com folks?

I still worry about focusing but I would not miss my darkcloth.

Thanks again.

scott jones
13-Jan-2002, 13:49
An answer to Bob's comment #2. The Horseman Binocular Viewer easily works in either the horizontal or vertical viewing position. One simply takes off the viewer, turns 90 degrees and reattaches to its frame which stays on the camera. Takes less than 5 seconds to perform and uses the familiar sliding type locking device that so many of our cameras use for lens boards and bellows attachments. I had some apprehension before I bought mine, but am delighted how easy this thing is to use. Another worry was that I thought 2x power would not be enough for focusing, but I have found that when I check with my loupe, I usually am right on. By the way, the viewer piece also swings out of the way for use of a loupe if you want to use one to check. So bottom line, this device is easy, magnifies, works in all positions, allows the use of a loupe, is light, folds compactly, allows right side up viewing. I can't find anything wrong with it...


Bob Salomon
13-Jan-2002, 14:44
"I usually am right on"

Usually isn't particularly comforting. Always is the goal when focusing. That is why 4x is usually the least for accurate focusing.

Ruud Knulst
13-Jan-2002, 15:00

I have a Horseman FA with a folding binoculair so I can?t give you any information about your combo. David Cotton is an Englishman who runs Phootos. So communication with him can't be the problem.

Kind regards.

Brian Ellis
13-Jan-2002, 20:04
Scott you aren't paying attention. Bob has told you that you shouldn't like the equipment you're using and he's also told you what equipment you should like. So please stop liking the equipment you're using and like only the equipment that Bob says you should like. He knows what's best for you.

Andre Noble
16-Jan-2002, 23:44
It really does make your compositional judgement more objective if you leave the image upside down on your GG. Besides, I'm sure there are other more worthwhile toys for your TKS.