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16-Oct-2009, 12:11
Hello All,

I noticed the new thread on Fuji 4X5 Instant B&W (Fuji FP-100B45) and thought that this might be of interest:


It appears that some people have been experimenting with recovering the negative from not only Fuji FP-100B45 but a few other of Fuji's instant offerings as well.

Looks interesting to me! Unfortunately, I just began working with large format and, with the exception of a few boxes, I missed the joy of Polaroid Type 55...but I long for it now!

Sorry, but I have not had a chance to try this yet so I cannot comment.



16-Oct-2009, 13:27
A fellow named Zach Risso, who is one of the participants in the flickr discussion that you linked and apparently a BFA student in Maryland, has set out the steps on his blog. See the entry for June 10, 2009 at the end of this page: http://thecapitala.wordpress.com/

18-Oct-2009, 11:23
Hello r.e.

Thanks for that blog link.

It seems that for b&w and color the process is pretty similar. One of the authors suggested using a sepia toner with the b&w negative (FP-100B45) to boost its density and I hope to give this a try soon.

Looking over everything and comparing everyone's attempts it looks fairly easy. If anyone on here has tried it please feel free to share.



18-Oct-2009, 13:04
It's easier just to make a copy negative from the print. (Or scan it?)

4-May-2010, 09:12
scanning the positives are a pain in the but if you ask me
los of resolution and sharpness is always an issue..
it might be worth the trouble-i'm trying this out this evening!

24-Dec-2012, 06:16

1-Mar-2013, 01:04
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Do I feed the negative in through the floppy disk drive?

1-Mar-2013, 05:11

This photographer recovers fp3000b negatives.

1-Mar-2013, 10:07

This photographer recovers fp3000b negatives.

I think that he is not recover (fix and wash) negative, just scan neg paper.

1-Mar-2013, 16:16
I've had good luck recovering negatives from FP-100c. Wednesday I got some FP-3000b and was planning on doing the same, noooooo, this is a completely different animal. The negative is on a solid white piece of film. The negative image is very fragile, easily washed or scratched off the film. No sense in removing the black backing, even being extremely careful while washing the back with Clorox gel, I damaged the image.

So far I think if you wanted to use the negative the best bet would be to leave it alone until it dries. Then scan it. However while wet it is very sticky, any dust or impurities will stick to it and be very difficult to remove. If you could keep it clean, and remove the black back, I think it's a good sharp negative with very little grain for a 3000 speed film!

I've got several more pack of it and I will continue to experiment, but I don't have any high hopes.

I realize the OP speaks of FP100b, which is no longer made. If you have some of it, I would think the negatives would be as good as the color ones.