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Ivan J. Eberle
15-Oct-2009, 21:18
The deciduous foliage is spectacularly red, peaking right now. I've got a day or two to spend here. Unfortunately the sky looks to be mostly bald & blue for the next few.

Anyone care to share exactly where they go in Zion for the best reflected light at various times of day when this occurs? So far coming in on the East side late in the day I found the first big wash with the masonary tunnel/culvert and the petroglyphs. Thanks!

15-Oct-2009, 21:25
This is the best time of year to hit the narrows.

Ivan J. Eberle
16-Oct-2009, 06:29
That's an interesting slot canyon alright, but it's also a 13-hour, 16-mile river slosh--when I'm here for a limited time shooting peak foliage with LF. Perhaps I'm missing something not obvious, e.g. is there a lot of fall color in the canyon bottom that isn't showing up in the descriptions I'm finding?

Kirk Keyes
16-Oct-2009, 08:42
See if you can get a permit for the Subway and walk in from the downstream side. It will take several hours to get there, so hit the trail early.

For the narrows, walk in from the downstream side as well. It's a few miles with water crossing for both the Narrows and the Subway, so be prepared.

Kirk Keyes
16-Oct-2009, 08:46
Also, you could try aspens in the higher country on the upper Kolob Plateau or Cottonwoods and Alders in Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon.

Harley Goldman
16-Oct-2009, 14:58
What Kirk said.

Duane Polcou
18-Oct-2009, 00:56
If you haven't already