View Full Version : Is Anyone Familiar With Paul Wakefield?

Clark King
1-Dec-2001, 19:53
Has anyone heard of Paul Wakefield? I have several books that he has shot with ( i assume) LF. I can't seem to fing any information about Paul Wakefield on the net. I would like explore his techniques. If you know how I can fing more info . about Paul Wakefield I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

Clark King

Andre Noble
2-Dec-2001, 02:14
Formed famous quarterback/receiver tandem with Bob Griese in the 70's?

paul owen
2-Dec-2001, 08:06
Hi Clarke, I too have a couple of his books (both are afew years old though). I seem to recall an interview he did with a UK magazine some 2 or 3 years ago, but since then I've heard nothing! It would be interesting to know what he's doing. In the last interview he was concentrating on landscapes in the USA. Paul

Wayne Campbell
2-Dec-2001, 13:08
Close Andre, but no first down...the Dolphins receiver was Paul Warfield.

tim atherton
2-Dec-2001, 14:52
the Brit? My vague recollection is that he was a MF guy?

tim a

paul owen
2-Dec-2001, 15:07
I seem to recall he uses a Linhof, together with Fuji rangefinders.

Trevor Crone
2-Dec-2001, 15:44
Paul is correct, at last count he was using Linhof 4x5, Fuji 6x17/6x9 and a Leic a M6.

Amongst his publications are collaborations with Joe Cornish and David Noton to produce a couple of books for the National Trust.

Nigel Turner
3-Dec-2001, 21:32
Paul Wakefield is primarily an advertising photographer these days. Has been for the past ten years or so, although he did do a joint exhibition of British Coastal Landscapes in conjunction with Noton and Cornish which was shown at the British Maritine.

I remember seeing some of his prints at the Zelda Cheadle Gallery in London a few years ago, but alas, photography as an art form is not to popular in Britain. Personally, I much prefer his work over many of the so called 'greats' of British Landscape Photographers such as Charlie Waite.

tim atherton
3-Dec-2001, 22:12
"Personally, I much prefer his work over many of the so called 'greats' of British Landscape Photographers such as Charlie Waite."

But surely not Fay Godwin...? I have been a fan of hers forever and just saw her show when i was back in the UK - amazing. Wish she was more known across here (she uses some LF, but much MF too)

Tim A

paul owen
4-Dec-2001, 08:42
Fay Godwin vs Paul Wakefield....interesting! They are both considered by many as "greats" but they adopt different approaches to the landscape. Paul Wakefield is a more "traditional" landscape photographer whereas Godwin has always strived to show man's impact on the landscape. Godwin shows the telegraph poles and the rubbish, wakefield doesn't! But they are both firm personal favourites of mine! Regards Paul