View Full Version : Smoky Mtns Fall report

Tom Schaefer
14-Oct-2009, 16:05
Thinking about heading towards Cades Cove and the Tenn side of the Park
and Fall color updates


Walter Calahan
14-Oct-2009, 18:02
Sounds like a great plan.

Steve Hamley
14-Oct-2009, 18:13

Real-time updates here:


Cheers, Steve

Bruce Watson
15-Oct-2009, 05:18
And read the Foliage Network's bi-weekly reports. Here's the USA Southeast (http://www.foliagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=35&Itemid=72) for example. I think you are about a week out for max color at the lower elevations. Wish I could go.

Steve Hamley
15-Oct-2009, 08:42
I'll second Bruce's opinion. I'm taking off next week and will be in the high country this weekend.

The color's reported gone at Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway and is reported past peak at Rough Ridge near Grandfather (I suspect it's gone now given the rain).

The weather forecast indicates frost Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I expect that will expedite things a little. I'd be looking at peak color in the river bottoms (Tremont, Elkmont, Greenbrier) late next week. Cades Cove is always difficult because if you want the high ridges as colorful backgrounds, you'll have to be there before the color actually peaks in the bottom of the Cove.

Cheers, Steve

John Brady
15-Oct-2009, 11:36
Heading to Blue Ridge and Blowing Rock area Friday night. Hopefully I'm not to late. Sorry to hear Grandfather Mountain is already past.

Some cool air is going to be nice for a change, its been in the nineties every day for weeks here in Naples.


15-Oct-2009, 14:31
I'm near milepost 331 of the Blue Ridge Parkway and at about 3300' elevation. Peak color is probably within the next week, although the colors don't seem as pronounced this year. There's still a fair amount of green left in the trees. And many leaves are on the ground owing to the recent rain.

Tom Schaefer
15-Oct-2009, 19:45
Thanks for the updates I can't leave Miami till the 23rd. I hope I can still get
something. John I'll call you if you don't mind for updates

John Brady
16-Oct-2009, 04:56
Give me a shout Tom. I'll post a report when I get back too.

John Brady
24-Oct-2009, 04:47
Sorry its taken me a while to get back with a trip report. I was in the Blowing rock area of the Blue Ridge as well as Wilson Creek in Pisgah National Forrest. The leaves were not overly vibrant this year and the conditions were very difficult for taking pictures. The wind blew a steady 25 mph all day on Sunday and there were very few clouds so it was mainly early morning work. I stayed in the woods in my little RV van and it got down to the 20's at night. All in all a great trip but I hope to get back next fall and maybe get some fog and better colors.

The first two images are from my 8x10 with velvia 50 and the last two are from my Canon 5dII. I still have more film to process but wanted to share some images.


24-Oct-2009, 08:09
Leaves should be at or just after peak this weekend in the area of the Smokey Mountain National Park. I was up on the Blue Ridge Parkway last Saturday north of Asheville going toward Mt. Mitchell and ran into a freak snow storm. Very beautiful on the fall leaves, which were approaching but not at peak.

Sandy King