View Full Version : 150mm APO Symmar vs 135/235 Symmar

Dave Tolcher
12-Jan-2002, 14:14
I have been thinking about doing some 5X4 colour work in addition to the B & W. I have an old 135/235 converable Symmar lens in a Synchro Compur shutter that de livers good sharp pictures. A local dealer has a 150mm APO Symmar for sale at a reasonable price. Aside from the difference in focal length would I benefit from upgrading ? One benefit I see myself is moving up from 40.5 filter thread so I can get an adapter for my filtr holder system rather than adapters and stepping rings. I would have to believe that I would get better contrast and probably col our rendition. Sharpness is probably not an issue at the enlargement size that I commonly do.

Thanks, in advance


12-Jan-2002, 14:22
Do it.

12-Jan-2002, 16:00
if it's second hand, try it first if you can, you never know ! i'm shure you wil l buy it, it's a very good lens !

Ted Harris
12-Jan-2002, 19:30
Follow Don;s advice adn try it to be sure but do it! You will gain:

Increased color saturation and increased sharpness because the lens is both an apochromat as opposed to the achromatic design of the convertible and because the lens is multicoated.

You will alos vhae a somewhat larger image circle if memory serves, you cn check this on the Schneider site.

Dave Tolcher
13-Jan-2002, 04:10
Thanks for your advice, its being delivered on Monday.