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13-Oct-2009, 18:01
Just a short rant:

Got my first box of Efke film in a long while. Was in the darkroom to load a few holders. Opened the box, uwrapped the film and took a sheet out. I had completely forgotten that Efke (and others) use a thin paper to go between the sheets of film. Not too hard to deal with in the darkroom but really annoying in a changing bag.

And, why the papers? The Great Yellow Father doesn't do it that way....

Gem Singer
13-Oct-2009, 18:35
It's used to prevent scratching of soft emulsion sheet films while they are still in their original box.

Ilford and Kodak use a harder gelatin for their emulsions. It resists scratches when the film sheets rub together. They don't need to use a piece of paper to separate the sheets of film.

At least that's what I've been told.

13-Oct-2009, 18:53
I was disappointed whent Ilford stopped using the interleaving. I lost some negs because I had none of them (photographing w/4x5 on a 5 month bicycle trip -- static discharges generated by the film rubbing together in the storage boxes inside my bike's panniers.).

I hoard the interleavings I have left -- I use them in between developed negatives in my storage envelopes.


13-Oct-2009, 19:19
hmmm, I always thought that the papers are what made the Efke PL100M "Tropical". I probably just made that up in my mind though.

14-Oct-2009, 06:52
I like the papers, personally. Too many scratches on my HP5+ from shifting around in the box.

Michael Jones
14-Oct-2009, 14:08
I hoard the interleavings I have left -- I use them in between developed negatives in my storage envelopes.


Me, too.


Michael W
16-Oct-2009, 05:40
A few weeks back I was removing an exposed sheet of Efke 25 from the film holder for processing & the slip of paper came out with it; I'd accidentally loaded it along with the film. As I processed I was wondering if the paper had been in front of the emulsion or behind. Luckily it must have been behind as the image came out OK, but i'll be more careful loading from now on.

Frank Petronio
16-Oct-2009, 06:09
Wasn't the paper included to make up the difference so that you could "snug" the emulsion up to the front of the guide rails in a traditional film holder for optimal sharpness? Why haven't you guys been doing that???!!!