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Harley Goldman
13-Oct-2009, 13:48
I have searched the archives, so I know that the Wollensak serial numbers don't yield much clue. I have an 8-3/4 inch f-4 Verito. Based on the catalogs at Camera Eccentric, it was made after 1916, which lists the 9 inch version. The 1919 catalog lists the 8-3/4".

It is in a Betax 4 shutter and the shutter has the screwed-on plate with the aperature scale on it. I think later Betax shutters had the scale engraved into the shutter like the speed settings rather than on a plate?? Just a guess. The patent listing on the back of the shutter says AUG. 13, 1912.

The serial is No. 12929, if that is at all useful. No letters. I don't need to know, but I am curious.

16-Feb-2011, 15:34
Has something changed in estimating the age of Verito lenses? Is it still hard?
I try to find an age for Verito No. 15881 (in Betax shutter Pat. AUG. 13, 1912).
Can anyone help?

16-Feb-2011, 18:15
Harley, you are on the right path using catalogs to determine approximate date. Because there are no records of serial numbers to dates for Wollensak that I know of.

I'm selling a Verito 9" on this board now. I have to guess is from prior to 1917, based on the catalogs. Interestingly, I don't see a serial number on it at all!

Jim Graves
16-Feb-2011, 18:38
I have an 8 3/4", 11 1/2", and a 14 1/2" ... all in Studio Shutters ... none have serial #s.

Paul Fitzgerald
16-Feb-2011, 19:57
Both of mine are in studio shutters, 11 1/2" and 18", no serial #s.

17-Feb-2011, 05:19

i have sold two 18 inch veritos. one is in a shutter one a barrel. both have serial #s. 10xxx and 14xxx

i have an 11.5 in barrel and a 14.5 in shutter both have serial #s. 97xx and 15xxx

i sold an 11.5 with no #.

17-Feb-2011, 07:13
Yeah, only one of my three others has a serial number. They must not have cared to use them.

17-Feb-2011, 07:23
Obviously older (lacquered brass, not painted) 9" has no S/N; in #1 Studio.
14 1/2" in #4 Studio, S/N 8xxx.
18", one in barrel, one in #5 Studio, one with S/N (14xxx), one without; don't know which is which.
22 1/4" Extension, no S/N.


Louis Pacilla
17-Feb-2011, 08:35
4x18" Veritos on hand (don't ask). 2 with serial #'s 2 without.
I also have a 14 1/2' No serial # & a 7" no serial #.

17-Feb-2011, 10:37
I think we should combine our collections and have EVERY VERITO made!

6" - 18" There are at least nine focal lengths made over the years. That would be a pretty cool lineup.