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13-Oct-2009, 11:30
I have what I think is a Wista Wooden View Camera that says it was made at the Zone VI Studio in Vermont. It is probably 15-20 years old. Did Zone VI make the Wista camera? Attached is a picture that is not that great I admit.

Eric Biggerstaff
13-Oct-2009, 11:43
I believe in the early days of Zone VI some of the camera's were made by Wista.

However, yours appears to be a Zone VI made camera and is an excellent camera to own (I use one). At the time, these cameras were considered one of the finest field cameras made. Zone IV was later purchased by Calumet and camera production ended.

Two former Zone VI employees are very active on this forum (Richard Ritter who likely built this camera and Bruce Barlow) and they can give you more information if you contact them. In fact, if you contact Richard and provide him the serial number he can probably tell you when the camera was made.

Lastly, if you use this camera and find that it needs a cleaning, adjusting or repair then I would highly recommend you send the camera to Richard Ritter in Vermont.

By all accounts, this is an excellent camera and it will / should bring you many years of excellent use.

Eric Biggerstaff
13-Oct-2009, 11:45
Oh, forgot, after Wista the cameras were made by Wisner for a short time prior to Zone VI taking all production in house.

Gem Singer
13-Oct-2009, 11:53
Wista made the original Zone VI cameras (in Japan).

Wisner made the next batch of Zone VI cameras (in Mass.).

Picker made the camera shown in the picture (in Vermont).

It's a Zone VI, not a Wista.

13-Oct-2009, 12:04
Thanks to everyone for their info. I am selling this outfit and wanted to be sure I gave potential buyers the correct information.

Gem Singer
13-Oct-2009, 12:18

Looks like a nice example of a mahogany and brass Zone VI, in excellent condition.

Do you have the bag bellows?

How many lens boards are included?

Bob Salomon
13-Oct-2009, 14:52
Wista made Zone VI cameras.

Bruce Barlow
14-Oct-2009, 04:08
Wista made Zone VI cameras.

Until the late 80's. Then Richard was able to crank up production on the Zone VIs as shown in the picture in the original post. I have a "Zone VI Wista". It's a fine little camera.

If this one's an "oldie," what's the serial number (stamped on the inside of the tripod mount)? I may have helped build it. I always like knowing what happened to my children...

16-Oct-2009, 17:54
The entire setup is for sale in the appropriate section. I appreciate everyone's input. There is a Nikon D300 I cant buy until I get everything sold.