View Full Version : KODAK ANASTIGMATs in Kodak COMPURs

Ken Woodard
30-Nov-2001, 22:22
I am trying to gather information and develop a timeline for an older Kodak lens , can you help? I would like to be able to match it with the proper Speed/Crown Graphic. The lens is a "KODAK ANASTIGMAT F-4.5 135mm, NO. 10334". The shutter is a "Kodak COMPUR 1-200 T&B F-4.5 to F-32, 3743788" rim set model. They appear to be an original set but I have no information on them as a combination or fro m which camera they may have come from. Thanks, Ken

1-Dec-2001, 12:11
Kodak 9x12 cm Recomar, made by the Nagel Division in pre-WWII Germany.

Ken Woodard
1-Dec-2001, 14:09
Thanks for the quick response! Would it be appropiate for a pre- anniversary Graphic? How about the same combo exactly, except in a 161mm lens? (It was in the mail when I wrote yesterday) Ken

Leonard Robertson
2-Dec-2001, 14:54
Ken,I looked at a 1940 edition of "Graphic Graflex Photography" and a couple of older Eastman Professional and Folmer Graflex catalogs, and I can't find an absolute answer to your questions. The one picture of a "Kodak Compur" shutter seems to with a 105mm Anastigmat for the Miniature Speed. I can't tell if the longer FL Anastigmats came in this shutter. The 135mm lenses illustrated all seem to be Tessars in Deckel Compurs. Have you tried searching on Graflex.org: http://www.graflex.org/sitelist.html You might post your same question there. Leonard

Ken Woodard
2-Dec-2001, 16:03
Leonard, I was unable to find any information at graflex.org and I'm leery of posting questions where certain people are such primadonnas, to put it mildly. I've had two seperate responses suggesting that the lenses were for the Nagel 9 x 12 folding plate camera. That seems very reasonable except that they appear to me to be oversized for that format. The COMPURs are size 1s, look correct for a 4 x 5 lensboard and certainly wouldn't fit a Century lensboard. They completely fill a Graphic 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 lensboard also.

Does anyone out there have an idea of the amount of movements on the Nagel?

Thanks very much for everyone help. Please keep it coming. Ken