View Full Version : 90mm f8 Super-Angulon and Copal 0 made for Polaroid

12-Oct-2009, 10:58
I bought lens, which was made for sinar, so without shutter and now im intrested if i could combine it with that shutter http://cgi.ebay.com/COPAL-No-0-shutter-Tominon-105mm-lens-for-4x5_W0QQitemZ180416249913QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCamera_Lenses?hash=item2a01a58039

Are sizes ok, ofcourse there is bit problem with aperture sizes, but its not that much of a problem.

Glenn Thoreson
12-Oct-2009, 11:10
If the lens fits a #0 shutter, that part is no problem. The problem with Polaroid shutters is that some have no aperture blades at all. They are not worth buying if that's the case. Be sure to check before you buy. A new aperture scale is not a problem. You can do it yourself, or there are places that can make it for you.

12-Oct-2009, 11:14
Also, some don't have a "B" setting so, if that matters to you for focusing/composing purposes, then just be aware of that. I think the type with no "B" setting will still open for composing but you'll need a second release cable with extra-long throw to activate that feature.