View Full Version : Mounting barrel lenses: where you put the f-stop scale?

Jay Decker
11-Oct-2009, 13:31
Got the boards build and the holes cut... is there a convention for locating the f-stop scale for barrel lenses, e.g., top, off to one side?

Robert Hughes
11-Oct-2009, 13:34
Usually you align the scale so you can read from the top or most accessible side. YMMV

Glenn Thoreson
11-Oct-2009, 20:11
Align it so it's easy for you to use. That's the rule. :D

Vick Vickery
11-Oct-2009, 20:39
Put your camera on the tripod at your normal working height and see where the scale needs to be for you to easily read it. For example, I usually set my camera up with the center of the ground glass at a little below eye level and I tend to work from the right side of the camera, so on top or canted slightly to the right works well for me since I can see the scale in either position from slightly in front of the right side; if you set up with the camera back at eye level, though, the scale might not be easily visible if it it all the way on top.

Doug Howk
12-Oct-2009, 01:46
Presume the lensboards can fit front standard in all configurations, then I'd mount so aperature readings are centered. That way, can have it on side if camera sitting high or top if low. Btw, for shutter I use lens socks for barrel mount lenses. Packard shutters are a convenient upgrade.