View Full Version : Roll Film Holder repair

10-Oct-2009, 18:35
I have been communicating with a guy from Japan concerning a Horseman roll film holder. He said the "seal" is ragged but the general appearance of the assembly from photos is immaculate.
I asked him about the seal and he said it is repaired easily.
I'm not entirely clear on which seal, or what material is optimum to use.
Can linen tape be used and is this the correct thing to do?:

11-Oct-2009, 05:46
Well, I know a little about it, maybe you could ask him for a picture to examine the problem?

11-Oct-2009, 06:55
If you are not sure how to repair it, I'd look for another. Horseman roll film holders are pretty popular and still available new.

Is this like a 'bargain' 6x12 holder? There is a seal for the darkslide that seems like it would be difficult to repair. If this thing is like $100 you could tape over the slot and just shoot all 4 shots before removing the back.

11-Oct-2009, 10:04
The roll back in question is for a 6x9 Horsesman

11-Oct-2009, 11:31
there are no seals to speak about, on the Horseman RFH. To be precise - the only seals you find are on the short side (6) of the 6x9 dimension - they are both flat pieces of foam, inside the film cover box. They ARE easy to repair - foam would do, of course. The dark slide has its own "seal" (velvet like?) but you cannot see it - it's covered with a frame, hold by 11 small screws with 00 Phillips head.
I cannot imagine how the flat foam seals could get "ragged" though - they don't receive any beating when the film holder is used...