View Full Version : Fuji Acros in PMK

michael waldron
11-Jan-2002, 11:35

I have been using PMK and FP4 (less stain but nice) and HP5 (more stain) in 4x5. However, the idea of quickload bw is nice, so I am asking if anyone has experience with Acros and PMK. Is the stain nice? Any suggested time/temp N+/- ?


Ed Buffaloe
11-Jan-2002, 12:41
I've only tested a roll of 120, but I gave it 13.5 minutes at 70 degrees (EI 64) and it looks pretty good. Haven't tried to print it yet.

Kayus Mulia
23-Feb-2002, 11:32
Hi, are you telling me there is :1. ACROS in 4x5? 2. 4x5 ACROS in Quickload? Have tried months to get answers from japan about availability of Fuji BW 4x5" in quickload, my Fuji agent told me the answer was quickload was none existing. Have been using Neopan 100 in 4x5" and liked it, just it gets scare over here. Any Fuji BW in Quickload form? Tried ACROS 120 (Tetenal Ultrafin Plus)and looked sharp to me. Any sources of Fuji BW Quickloads? Thanks.

Sal Santamaura
23-Feb-2002, 16:52
Where's "over here?" Yes, "there is :1. ACROS in 4x5? 2. 4x5 ACROS in Quickload." In the US, we can easily (though not, for the Quickload, cheaply) obtain them from Badger Graphic Sales.