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9-Oct-2009, 19:41
Hi everyone,

Ok so I bought 1000' of Plus X 35mm (exp. 09/2003) from evil-bay a while back and shot a roll & souped it in Diafine. (quick & dirty) BASE FOG from heck! So I tried some in D-76 & Rodinal 1:25.

My question is... Which developer is most UN-likely to develop the fog that's already in the film?

There's not much, but Diafine really brought it out. The others not so much.

A camera store guy sold me some paper chemical he said would lessen the fog...

Any wisdom from the tank shakers out there?


Richard M. Coda
9-Oct-2009, 20:11
Get some Liquid Orthazite (Edwal Anti-Fog) or equivalent. Test at 1/2 oz per qt. developer until you get acceptable results.

I use it on outdated 11x14 Tri-X (06/2000) and it works wonders.

Gem Singer
10-Oct-2009, 04:09
Order benzotriazole from ArtCraft Chemicals.

Mix up a 1% solution (10 gms per liter of water).

Add 50ml of the 1% benzotriazole solution to each liter of working solution of developer, and you now have a solution to your problem.

W K Longcor
10-Oct-2009, 08:45
Yes - benzotriazole -- just a point of interest. There was a big market for benzotriazole in the late 1940's. The government released to the civilian market a huge pile of photo paper which it had kept for war use. By the time it got to the civilian market, though, much of it had not seen the best of storage conditions. At that time, benzotriazole became a regular component in the amature darkroom.

10-Oct-2009, 09:06
Sweet. Yes, the stuff I was sold is Liquid Orthazite. I'll try his and see.

Will I need to adjust my film speed or expected contrast? I use Rodinal and am learning Pyro... and foreseen problems with these two?

Thanks again ...

W K Longcor
10-Oct-2009, 09:10
Yes, in general -- the "anti-fog" chemical agent SLOW the film speed. You will need to run some tests. Try setting the meter to about 1/2 the original speed for starters.