View Full Version : Boxes/Sleeves for Apple books?

Darin Boville
8-Oct-2009, 17:00
Hello all,

I'm planning on sending out a few Apple books to share my work--a sort of portfolio. It came in a fold-box, which is nice, but it has a big Apple logo on it. Anyone have any better ideas for packaging these?

A second question, where do I get a clear plastic cover for the dust jacket? It's going to hammered and I want to offer a little protection. I've seen these everywhere on books but now that I look around I don't know where to buy the stuff...

And why we are on the topic, I want to include a short essay in the package--are there any binders out there aside from the sort of thing I can buy in a big box office store?



8-Oct-2009, 19:18
Why not try a clamshell type box like the type you would put portfolio prints into:

BTW, I did a short paperback Apple book a couple years ago, followed by a larger hardcover Blurb book - both monochrome. The reproduction and overall quality was so poor that I decided not to pursue self-published books further. I vowed never to show them because I felt the digital repros so poorly represented my work. That said, I was convinced to lend them out during a gallery show, and somebody liked the Apple book well enough to STEAL it!

Darin Boville
8-Oct-2009, 19:54
>>somebody liked the Apple book well enough to STEAL it!<<

It must have still had the Apple logo on it... :)

I'll check out the clamshell box...


Darin Boville
8-Oct-2009, 22:58
Whoa! Just checked out the pricing? $140 is too steep for what I have in mind :0

Maybe something in cardboard?