View Full Version : Nikkor 120mm Macro filter threads

8-Oct-2009, 16:26
I just picked up this lens in a Copal 0 shutter.

I can't find anywhere what size filters it takes. Does anyone know for sure?

8-Oct-2009, 16:31
52mm. This lens great for super close stuff on the 8x10.

8-Oct-2009, 17:03
Thanks Vinny.

I was not sure if it had coverage for 8x10 so maybe I will try that too. Thanks for the info. Now I can get a step-up ring.

8-Oct-2009, 19:23
In a rare fit of genius I looked at the lens cap which clearly says "52mm."

I do wonder why they don't print something so basic on the lens itself.

Tom Monego
9-Oct-2009, 07:44
At 1:1 at f22 it covers 4x5 with some movements, to get more movements I used 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 with a Linhof back on a Calumet/Cambo. If you want to get down to 5:1 or so it may cover 8x10. One of the best lenses I ever used.


9-Oct-2009, 17:15
Any experience using it at infinity?

Phil Hudson
15-Oct-2009, 10:36
Relatively soft (compared to a non-macro 120mm or 150mm) and lacks coverage on 4x5 at infinity IIRC.