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8-Oct-2009, 00:00
How are people who don't live in major metropolitan areas processing their 4x5 e6 shots? I'm in Portland Oregon, and most e6 labs are toast here, maybe all of them. I'm more than happy to Fedex it out of town if there is a very good lab that does mail order.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Frank Petronio
8-Oct-2009, 08:26
http://www.4photolab.com Do a search and see all the recommendations for Edgar Praus's lab in Kodakville.

8-Oct-2009, 09:09
I live in a city of 60 000 with a very small regional population and yet can still get 4X5 E6 processing done locally, once or twice a week same as 120 or 35mm. Guess I should consider myself lucky. C41 only as large as 120 however.

Jan Pedersen
8-Oct-2009, 09:12
Scott, Citizen Photo still does both E-6 and C41 sheet film.

falth j
8-Oct-2009, 09:19
E-6 processing by AgXimaging has always done a good job for me:


They do mail order well.

They survive primarily by word-of-mouth advertising...

Greg Gibbons
8-Oct-2009, 09:35
It's a little far from Portland, but by mail it's probably no different.
Samy's in Santa Barbara, CA does good work so far for me.


8-Oct-2009, 10:40
Calypso Imaging in Santa Cruz, California: http://www.calypsoinc.com/calypso/e6.php

I havden't used them in a while as I process all my film at home. But they did a very good job - never a complaint - and the same folks still own the place.

Sideshow Bob
8-Oct-2009, 10:42
There is a rumor that Calypso is closing sometime this month. Very sad if true.

8-Oct-2009, 10:53
There is a rumor that Calypso is closing sometime this month. Very sad if true.

Sad indeed! In my opinion they should have never moved from the bay area to Santa Cruz. Calypso's announcement that they were moving to Santa Cruz motivated me to buy what may have been the last new Jobo CPA out there. I'm sure glad I did as all the labs can close now and it wouldn't have any effect upon me as long as I can get chemistry.

8-Oct-2009, 11:48
Edgar Praus beats labs in LA and SF- I'm halfway between

SW Rick
8-Oct-2009, 14:29
Another recommendation for AgX Imaging- superb work, and reasonably priced.