View Full Version : Schneider Symmar 210 Convertable Lens for 5X7 view: How Does It Work?

Todd Frederick
29-Nov-2001, 23:00
I just purchased a 5x7 view camera from a photo.net member. It comes with a Sch neider Symmar 210mm "convertable" lens...how does the convertability work? What are the two focal lengths?

Also, any tips or suggestions on using a 5x7 view? I am experienced with 4x5 bu t want to do serious contact printing in 5x7 (gallery quality) with this unit... paper, film, chemical suggestions appreciated.

chin-fan so
30-Nov-2001, 00:49
may be take off the back element

Ralph Elliott
30-Nov-2001, 05:25
I have a Symmar 180mm 315mm convertable lens and with this one you take off the front element which exposes the aperature and shutter to the elements/weather.

Pete Andrews
30-Nov-2001, 05:40
Yep, you take the front element off on convertible Symmars. (The back element can be removed on Sironars.) There should be a second scale for the aperture on these lenses, marked in green or yellow, and there should also be a second focal length marking in the same colour.

Mark A. Johnson
28-Dec-2001, 00:27
Todd: I was just discussing this lens with my son. I purchased one new in 1973 for $250.00, and sold it in 1976. The serial number was #12134xxx. It was billed as a 210/360 f:5.6 Symmar. I do not recall what the aperature was for 360, but you removed the front element to make it a 360. The lens I had used a Compur Shutter. This should give you some idea as to the vintage of the lens.

Good luck and enjoy the lens.